Who am I?

Howdy! My name is Max Levanduski. I’m a Sophomore at MSU, go green! Outside of academics, I spend my free time doing model UN. I’m on the competitive circuit and have competed in Montreal, Chicago, and Boston. I also am a senior staffer for MSUMUN and RCMUN, Michigan State’s model UN conferences for high schools and middle schools. This year I’ll be running a committee set after the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire that focuses on workplace safety, workers rights, unionization, and feminism.


I’m in the process of acquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with minors in Digital Cultural Heritage & History and Museum Studies from Michigan State University. I had the opportunity to present an ethnography about an internet based culture at MSU’s UURAF (University Undergraduate Research & Arts Forum) last year and I have begun another ethnographic research project. Under Kurt Rademaker, I’m contributing to research on lithics found at Quebrada Jaguay, Peru. My academic interests are archaeology, archival preservation, and museum curation.